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rhino skin

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Supplements and vitamin complexes for plants
Rhino Skin Advanced Nutrints

Rhino Skin is a drug developed to eliminate the quartz deficiency that inevitably occurs when using hydroponics as a growing method. Quartz is a vital element for the growth and viability of plants, as it is an element of building cell walls. The content of quartz in the earth and in the sand is sufficient to meet the needs of a growing plant, but, unfortunately, it is practically not contained in water.
Rhino Skin - the only and unique by other companies, an easy solution for the protection and viability of your plants, effective throughout the entire period of its application.
Addition to silicon, contains potassium silicate (a form of easily absorbed silicon). Deficiency of silicon (Si) is a very common problem in the hydroponic method.
Application: 2 ml per liter of nutrient solution (from 1 to 6 weeks of flowering) shake Well before use.
Example: 1 teaspoon = 5 ml | 1 tablespoon = 15 ml | 1 oz = 30 ml | 1 Cup = 240 ml.

Your plants spend a lot of energy defending themselves from attacks by pathogens, heat and other stressors in their intense growing environment. The more energy plants devote to defence, the less they have left for growth and flowering. That’s why expert growers choose Rhino Skin. Rhino Skin’s silicon increases trichomes and the essential oils that come with them for more potent harvests. It shields your crops, mortaring up the spaces between cell walls and thickening and hardening them. That means crops bolstered by Rhino Skin stand up straighter and support bulkier, heavier buds. And with Rhino Skin’s protection, your plants are free to concentrate their energy on photosynthesis, cell division (growth and flowering) and other vital functions. The end result: When you use Rhino Skin and play defence for your plants, you’ll get big, sticky, potent harvests with greater market value. As always, your pocketbook is defended by our 100% satisfaction Grower Guarantee.

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