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big bud coco liquid 4 litres

by Advanced Nutrients

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big bud liquid 4 litres big bud liquid 4 litres


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big bud liquid 23 litres big bud liquid 23 litres


Product details
Shipping Weight: 5.44 Kg
SKU: 3594

Manufacturer: Advanced Nutrients

Date first available: November 25 2021
Average customer review: 4.5 out of 5 stars 470 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #107 in Advanced Nutrients
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Adam W. Willis


Verified Purchase

September 16, 2021

For all of you posting reviews and photos complaining about the appearance and consistency of this product, speculating that it has been tampered with or is otherwise 'expired', you're wrong. This is literally just how the product looks and there is nothing wrong with the bottle you've received.

You're ordering a coco formulation and expecting it to look like the standard formulas. Well, what sense would it make to ship two different variants of an identical product. It looks different, because it is different. If you don't like the appearance of the coco formula for whatever reason, order the standard formula instead and in the future maybe do the slightest bit of research before assuming that you've somehow been wronged.



Verified Purchase

October 02, 2022

Big Bud Coco is a bud/bloom booster that you would use week 1-4 of flowering. Great results!! I have been using Advanced Nutrients Big Bug Coco for 3+ years for my cannabis grows, and it works just like it is suppose to. I like the Coco formula over the original because the Coco formula has "protein hydrolysis", which makes the formula smell like a whey protein shake. It just seems like I get better results with the whey protein hydrolysis added to a bloom booster. I would recommend using an Advanced Nutrient "base nutrient line" (like Connoisseur, Sensi, or Micro Grow and Bloom), and then adding this Big Bud coco to the basic nutrient line for the best results. Follow the feeding schedule and you will be just fine.

Matt Evans


Verified Purchase

December 29, 2018

i dont like the thick chocolate milk consistency, but it is what it is. i hand water coco, so i dont know how it does in tubes and drippers. this basically takes over for the CalMag during flower and is also obviously the bud booster. i like it. i first bought a liter, then just ordered a 4 liter. i run it with sensi bloom coco and have amazing results. only use 3ml/gal at first then go up if the plant needs some calcium. edit: i use floranectar instead of bud candy. half way through flower i drop the calmag and use more big bud coco and bump up the floranectar for the magnesium.

Chris B.


Verified Purchase

April 13, 2022

Fantastic bloom booster! Mixes easily, just add to water and shake , this formula is not intended for reservoirs it's made to water coco coir in pots. I've been using a combination of 8 different A.N. products with Fantastic results, huge yields of top shelf buds. It costs about $600 to buy everything which seems like a lot until you consider that much will easily produce 12 POUNDS of buds !! I don't think $3 an ounce is too steep! I'll spend that to feed my girls anytime.

Joe D.


Verified Purchase

July 29, 2017

The consistency and color remind a lot of cns17 ripe from batincare, I'm sure the formulation is different but the products are definitely similar without question, in my opinion next go around I'll probably go back to the green label formula or give the purple label organic version a go and just supplement calcium magnesium and iron via actinovate and calmag+, definitely a solid product but I think there's cheaper alternatives that will give you similar results



Verified Purchase

Best Bloombooster for Coco!!

October 09, 2022

Advanced Nutrients nailed this one, and I find that although their nutrients are a tad more then the dirt cheap crap nutes..? the results speak for themselves.
Big Bud is exclusive in that it has no nitrogen in it, yet it has calcium and magnesium instead…which is amazing for even late flower, so you can see your strains color and not all green! Great stuff!

Kyle R McCombs


Verified Purchase

September 22, 2016

This is great stuff but I will stick to the regular version and not the coco since I use Cal-Mag anyway that is the biggest advantage to using the coco formula as it already has cal-mag in it. Big bud does work!

Unbiased Review


Verified Purchase

October 26, 2016

This product met my expectations. I highly recommend using Big Bud for higher tomato yield as well as other plants. Advanced nutrients did well here.



Verified Purchase

Big Bud

January 16, 2021

no complaints ! as described ! fast delivery BIG BUDS damn ! I had to give away 2 plants I out grew 5 plants in a 5x5 tent ~



Verified Purchase

March 30, 2023

Perfect addition to any of AN base nutes especially coco. The extra CaMg in it basically makes a Ca/Mg deficiency unheard of.

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