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Experience accelerated plant growth and higher yields with this amazing soil enhancer.

Unlock the true potential of your plants with a unique blend of biostimulants and mycorrhizae.

Improve nutrient uptake and water retention for healthier, more resilient plants.

Say goodbye to root diseases and harmful pathogens with this proven formula.

Discover an eco-friendly way to optimize your garden's productivity and reduce fertilizer use.

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Introducing an innovative and highly effective soil enhancer that caters to the needs of gardeners and growers alike. This high-performance soil mix combines the power of biostimulants and mycorrhizae to create the perfect environment for accelerated plant growth and higher yields. With its unique blend of ingredients, this product promotes increased nutrient uptake, water retention, and overall plant health, ensuring that your plants reach their full potential while reducing the need for fertilizers.
The biostimulants in this soil mix are derived from natural sources, such as seaweed extract, and work by stimulating plant growth and improving root development. The mycorrhizae, on the other hand, are beneficial fungi that form a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, enhancing nutrient and water uptake while protecting plants from root diseases and harmful pathogens.
This eco-friendly soil enhancer is perfect for both indoor and outdoor growing, and its open top bag design makes it easy to use and transport. With 0.5 cubic feet (14 liters) of soil mix, you'll have enough to transform your garden into a thriving, productive oasis.

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Date first available: July 21 2023
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