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mycolonize 208 litres

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For your plants, root is where the heart is. The foundation of your plant's evolution and growth begins with the root structure. Naturally plants grow lots of roots based on the natural markup of the plant's rooting structure however the development of natural roots are limited by conditions and environment hence some roots will not outgrow it's potting container and leave large hollow gaps throughout the medium. This become a waste of  nutrients trap in those hollow gaps and potential buildup of pathogen causing root rot as well as waste of growing medium and not maximizing container size for rooting potentials. MyColonize is the answer to all of these problems by introducing quality spores of beneficial Mycorrhizal and Bacillus that spreads evenly throughout all of these voids and attaches to the plants central and extended root systems delivering nutrients thats was once inaccessible to the plants resulting to complete uptake of plant nutrients and barrier the roots from stressful and dangerous environmental conditions. MyColonize species can be maintained and expand with the regular feeding of Sugar Rush complex carbohydrate.


Apply 1 mL per Litre of water for cutting and seedlings.
Apply 1-2 mL per Litre of water for all other weeks of vegetative growth until 2nd week of flowering cycle.

FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS: Apply in full concentration of MyColonize (1-2 mL per Litre) combinated with recommend concentration (4 mL per Litre) of Quantum Part A & Quantum Part B togerther for both vegetative growth and flowering cycle. Be sure to checl EC & PPM to maintain safe concentration level.

ADDTIONAL NOTE: Maintain growth and expansion of MyColonize with regular and recommended feeding ratio of Sugar Rush.

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