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aerosumo turbine 12

by Aerosumo

Price: $464.99
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Product details
Shipping Weight: 22.68 Kg
SKU: 0764

Manufacturer: Aerosumo

Date first available: September 28 2012
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Bestsellers Rank: #1 in Inline Fan
Looking for the ultimate inline fan? Then this would be the one! After years of researched and development, learning from the success of the past technology. World famous Aerosumo of Japan has created a product that is 25% more superior, yet quieter than the strongest inline fan available in the market to become the new strongest fan in the market! Technical advance and quality plays a very important role in the production of this mighty machine.

The Turbine DX1280 provides a whooping 2200 CFM of constant airflow. The sound of the extreme airflow over powers the ultra durable motor. Installation is simple as this product is easy to mount as well as easy to transport.

Ideal use for this machine is to remove excess air volume, remove humidity, filter smell, exchange fresh and cool air from outside.

Try the Aerosumo Turbine today and see what the strongest inline fan in the market can do for you.

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