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booster fan 6''

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Boost air flow in long duct runs with this inline duct fan. Constructed of all metal, this fan is effective and efficient. All metal construction (including the blades) Light weight 240 CFM 4 feet power cord 120V, 60Hz Discreet packaging. Installation Instructions: * Loosen a screw on the outside of the housing. * Secure GREEN wire to the housing with the screw. * Other two wires can be randomly paired up with wires from motor. * Line up the bare ends of each pair of wires; twist the bare ends CLOCKWISE with fingers; put wire nut on and again twist CLOCKWISE until tight. * Hold wire nut in one hand and tuck on each wire to confirm that they are secure
$49.99 + $33.18 Shipping
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Date first available: July 07 2016
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