trolmaster hydro-x dry contact station

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The Trolmaster DSD-1 Dry-contact module provides a simple and flexible solution to who want to connect & control devices to the Hydro-X using a “dry-contact” or relay to activate the device. Some equipment requires either normally open or normally closed contact closure in order to activate the equipment. The DSD-1 is the product that you need to control those types of devices. *

The DSD-1 can be configured to work as the other Trolmaster power modules work. The DSD-1 connects into the “devices” line on the Hydro-X and can be set to control an almost infinite number and types of devices such as:

Lighting contactors

Light Deprivation curtains

Pump contactors

Temperature devices

Humidity devices

CO2 devices

* Consult Trolmaster for questions concerning your particular device.

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