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Tarantula 10 Litres

Tarantula 10 Litres

Tarantula 10 Litres

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Your plants' roots are the key to your yield size and potency, that's what the research shows. Yet the first thing you notice about most hydroponics roots zones is they are biologically sterile. Nothing other than roots are alive in them.

Tarantula from Advanced Nutrients is a new break through product for soil and hydroponic growing mediums.

When you focus on your roots, you might notice that they're bare and spindly-looking. But healthy roots actually look healthy, not like most roots you'll see. They're "muscular," intensely-branched, thickened, and robustly alive.

You don't see that kind of roots very often in hydroponics gardens unless you've imported beneficial microbes into your root zone.

But how do you do that?

  • Decompose organic matter to create extra nutrition for your plants
  • Maximize plant growth rates and yields
  • Maximize nutrient uptake and solubility of minerals
  • Enhance availability of phosphorous and improves conversion of atmospheric nitrogen to plant-available nitrogen

One other thing... for beneficial microbes products to be successful for you, they have to have a very high number of colony-forming units per gram.

In simpler language, this means that the formula should have a high number of microbes per gram. Tarantula clocks in at just under 10 million viable bacteria per gram, making it by far the strongest of its type.

Tarantula is a bacterial blend of 57 microorganisms, with 1.4 billion Colony Forming Units per gram.

This gives Advanced Nutrients Tarantula the highest concentration of microorganisms for any plant growth product in the world.

This rich blend of microorganisms contains Bacillus, Streptomycetes, Actinomycetes, and Psuedomonas for massive plant growth.

This mixture of diverse and extremely rich microorganisms forms a symbiotic relationship between the plants root zone in the rhizsosphere. This produces extremely healthy, strong plants and superior root systems making the plants able to sustain many different types of stresses produced by the variables of nature.

WHEN TO USE TARANTULA: Early Veg Phase, Seedlings, Cloning, First phase of bloom cycle.