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We have put together the best products from PlantiMatter that will maximize your plant's growth potential.

ROOT BOUND: Ever heard of the saying “bigger roots, bigger fruits”? That saying cannot be further than the truth. Good root foundations are the fundamental mechanism for each plant to thrive and evolve, without it plants cannot absorb nutrients, stunt growth and eventually wither and perish whereas having a strong root system help plants adapt to various conditions such as drought, stress and shock while maintaining strong and stable root system. The most beneficial advantage to having a strong and healthy root system is high uptake of nutrients that will result to bigger stems, bigger flowers and bigger yield.
CAL-MED: One of the most common deficiencies during the vegetative growth and flowering cycles is calcium, magnesium and iron. These deficiencies can cause nutrient lockouts, disease prone and decaying foliage associated with various of other plant vital health issues. Cal-Med is the solution to maintain healthy levels of these deficiencies to promote and maintain peak plant development and productivity. Cal-Med is made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients and processing practice to ensure indisputable quality control.
EXOSILICA: When not optimal, a growing environment can be a stressful and dangerous environment for plants. Through these rough conditions plants need to shield itself to continue it’s photosynthesis without interference. The introduction of balanced potassium silicate at any grow stage enhances a layer of defense for plant cell walls and structural developments resulting to stronger, thicker stalks, larger and rougher foliage. Plants will become more resistant to heat stress, shock and pathogen. ExoSilica™ is an active potassium silicate protection for your plants throughout all growing cycles to ensure maximum quality of your flowers.

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