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triple superphosphate - fine 0-46-0 25 kg

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wiggle worm castings 30 lbs wiggle worm castings 30 lbs


azomite micronized 44lb azomite micronized 44lb


plant success great white mycorrhizae 4 oz plant success great white mycorrhizae 4 oz


mammoth p 120 ml mammoth p 120 ml


azomite micronized 2kg azomite micronized 2kg


the stimul8r 1 litre the stimul8r 1 litre


grozyme 1 litre grozyme 1 litre


spray-n-grow 500 milliliters spray-n-grow 500 milliliters


grozyme 4 litres grozyme 4 litres


grozyme 10 litres grozyme 10 litres


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Shipping Weight: 31.75 Kg
SKU: 2234
Date first available: October 10 2018
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Best to use on plants grown for Fruit Flowers or Vegetables.Recommended Applications: Before planting out: 30g per square metre dug into 200mm Top dressing during growing period; 20/30g per square metre every 6/8 weeks (water in thoroughly) General soil Nutrient Applications High requirement: 60g per square metre Med requirement: 30gm per square metre Low requirement: 15g per square metre
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