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chelate micronutrient 10 kg

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Shipping Weight: 9.98 Kg
SKU: 1660
Date first available: September 21 2016
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Chelated Micronutrient Mix is a soluble micronutrient mix which can be used as a supplement where deficiencies exist for crops grown in soil or in a regular feeding program for crops grown in artificial and soilless media. Features Chelating agents – 42% Ethylene diamine tetraacetate, 13% Diethylene triamine pentaacetate Regular Feeding Program for Soilless Mixes or Substrates: Use 3 g/100 L. For injector systems this can be maintained by using 6 g/L for a 1:200 injector or 3 g/L for a 1:100 injector ratio. For Agriculture Crops and Soil Grown Greenhouse Crops: Apply when soil test shows low levels of trace elements. To Correct Deficiencies: The rate and frequency of application should be based on results from soil and plant tissue analyses. Foliar Spray: Apply 35 g/100 L covering surface lightly. Make one or two applications as necessary. Soil Application: Always apply trace elements to moist soil. Use 120 g/100 m2 in 450 L of water.
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