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growthmax 10 litres

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blossom blaster 1 kilgoram blossom blaster 1 kilgoram


monster bloom 500 grams monster bloom 500 grams


blossom blaster 2.5 kilograms blossom blaster 2.5 kilograms


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grtk cal max 4 litres grtk cal max 4 litres


final flush 4 litre final flush 4 litre


growthmax 4 litres growthmax 4 litres


hydrozyme 4 litres hydrozyme 4 litres


monster bloom 2.5 kilograms monster bloom 2.5 kilograms


monster grow pro 500 grams monster grow pro 500 grams


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Shipping Weight: 13.61 Kg
SKU: 0521
Date first available: March 20 2011
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Kelp has been utilized within agriculture for centuries. GrowthMax™ is a soluble kelp complex derived from a potassium hydroxide extraction process. This refined kelp product provides ocean based compounds that can benefit our plants and soils. Containing nutrients including potassium, this formula can be used as a root drench or as a foliar spray application to bring the ocean into your garden.
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