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gpf uptake (fulvic acid) 24 litres

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Increase nutrient uptake and promote healthier plants with GPF Fulvic Acid!

Stimulate root growth and promote overall plant health with GPF Fulvic Acid!

Get stronger and healthier plants with GPF Fulvic Acid!

Maximize the benefits of your nutrient solution with GPF Fulvic Acid!

Promote strong and healthy plant growth with GPF Fulvic Acid!


GPF Fulvic Acid is an organic nutrient additive that helps promote healthy plant growth and maximum nutrient uptake. It can be used to stimulate root growth, improve overall plant health and increase the effectiveness of your nutrient solution. GPF Fulvic Acid is made from natural plant-based ingredients and is free of any synthetic chemicals. It can be used in both hydroponic and soil-based growing systems, and is suitable for all plant types. GPF Fulvic Acid helps to create a better environment for root growth, improving the uptake of essential nutrients. It also helps to enhance the beneficial bacteria in the soil, promoting stronger and healthier plants. With GPF Fulvic Acid, you can ensure your plants get the maximum benefit from the nutrient solution, helping them to flourish and grow.

$189.99 Loading Data
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Date first available: November 14 2016
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