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sensi cal-mag xtra 1 litre

by Advanced Nutrients

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Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra Advanced Nutrients
Mega calcium and magnesium complex. Calcium, magnesium, iron and amino acid cocktail in L form (i.e. Available to plants). Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra is a new and improved version of the classic Sensi Cal Mag because it contains a full set of trace elements, including enough iron and 20 L-shaped amino acids to provide the potential of each nutrient in Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra. Every detail is given to make this product the most scientifically perfect.
Sensi Cal-Mag Application:
No more than once a week, add Sensi Cal-Mag at the rate of 2ml per liter of water. This tool can be used both at the stage of vegetative growth and at the stage of flowering.
In addition, this tool can be used as foliar top dressing: add 2ml per liter of water, sprinkle the leaves on top and bottom; do this no more than once a week.
This Supplement can be used in conjunction with fertilizers and boosters from Advanced Nutrients.

Plants – just like all forms of life, including human beings – require a complete range of essential elements in order to thrive. Not one can be lacking, or your crops may suffer nutrient deficiencies. Of course, different concentrations of different nutrients are required by plants and animals at different stages of their lives. Just like young, developing children need vitamins and minerals, your plants need a steady supply of calcium and magnesium to ensure vigorous, healthy growth. But even expert growers often overlook another crucial element for high-value crops: specific forms of iron in precise ratios. If you’re using our base nutrients, your crops are already getting the correct amounts of Ca, Mg, and Fe. But if you’re using our competitors’ base nutrients, your crops could suffer from stunted growth or yellowing leaves. In that case, use Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra® – the nutrient supplement formulated with the ratios of Ca, Mg, and Fe your crops need. As always, you’re protected by our 100% money-back Grower Guarantee.

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Manufacturer: Advanced Nutrients

Date first available: February 06 2015
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