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Voodoo Juice 1 Litre - NA0112XX

Voodoo Juice 1 Litre - NA0112XX

Voodoo Juice 1 Litre - NA0112XX

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Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice took 2 PhDs to create and formulate. Voodoo Juice is a liquid solution consisting of five strains of microbes, one of which is a nitrogen fixer.

These microbes colonize the plant's root system facilitating the conversion of nutrients both organic and chemical.

Voodoo Juice is not a mycorrhizal mixture.
Every 4 litres of Voodoo Juice contains 200 billion microbes.

Nutrients are converted to forms that become bio-available to the plants while also stimulating explosive root growth. Plants are better able to acquire vital nutrients and moisture.


Larger Root Mass
Faster Intake Of Nutrients And Water
Faster Growth
Reduced Crop Losses
Resistance To Disease
Resistance To Drought
Resistance To Harmful Microbes
Larger Harvests

WHEN TO USE VOODOO JUICE: Early Veg Phase, Early Flowering, Cloning, Transplanting, Growing from Seedlings

GARDEN TYPES: Rockwool, Coir, Soil, Sphagnum, Ebb & Flow, NFT, aeroponics, aquaponics, vertical stacker, hydroton, rotary, indoor, outdoor, organic, synthetic, synthorganic.
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