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Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients is a fertilizer manufacturer whose motto was "always the most modern"

Thanks to this, his product is the most modern and the most important on the market. These are the best, if only because every day in the Advanced Nutrients laboratories we examine the most advanced cultivation technologies that can help you maximize your crop. The range of fertilizers and stimulants Advanced Nutrients Canada is the most diverse and progressive, takes into account the needs of the plant at every stage of growth and flowering, and offers the cultivator a large arsenal to achieve maximum performance from each square meter of greenhouse.

The Canadian Advanced Nutrients Company is known to many farmers for one reason: it is known for its openness and cooperation with farmers.
Thanks to the latest scientific research and our own laboratory research, the Advanced Nutrients series includes not only a variety of basic fertilizers - both premium and economical segments - as well as fertilizers that have been specially developed for hydroponics with the patented ph-perfect formula, but also stimulants with different effects both on the metabolic processes of the plant and on improving the root environment. Advanced nutrients Canadian stimulants include microorganisms, bacteria, enzymes, phytohormones, useful phosphorus and potassium complexes - there are so many that for convenience, stimulants are divided into four levels: hobbyist, expert-breeder, professional breeder and Grand Master breeder.

The range of advanced nutrients is really diverse - basic mineral and organic fertilizers, root and flowering stimulants, practical kits that have been thought out and made by the manufacturer according to the gardener's level. We have created a detailed overview of Advanced Nutrients stimulants and fertilizers, describing the key properties and characteristics of each individual product or product line.

You can order Advanced Nutrients products at the best price in our online store with delivery throughout Canada.

Mineral and basic organic fertilizers

Advanced Nutrients mineral supplements are offered with certain technologies in several product lines. We will tell you more about the composition and properties of using these fertilizers.

Advanced Nutrients organic fertilizers are made entirely from natural organic elements known for their quality and excellent grades. 

Root stimulants with beneficial bacteria

By using the roots' ability to build a symbiotic relationship with beneficial fungi and bacteria, we can effectively care for the entire plant system. Microorganisms contribute to the decomposition of dead parts of plants and transform them into additional nutrients. Cleaning the root zone also contributes to better oxygen penetration into the roots.
The specialty of advanced nutrients is that they grow all bacteria themselves and don't buy them from third parties. In their laboratories, they test the tolerance of various types of bacteria and fungi and identify the most efficient working groups. As a result, they reproduce quickly and colonize the root zone of plants.