showa nitrile gloves biodegradable powder free medium (100)

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Latex free, 100% nitrile.
Engineered with Eco Best Technology, making the glove biodegradable in biologically active landfills within 1 to 5 years.
Powder free with a second-skin fit and feel for comfort and dexterity.
Significantly stronger alternative to latex.
Silicone free.
Finger textured finish.
Antistatic properties: surface resistivity between 10⁹ and 10¹⁰ Ω.
AQL 1.5 / Force at break: 6N
4-mil thickness.
Meets EN ISO 374-5:2016 Standards for micro-organism protection.
Meets EN ISO 374-1:2016 / Type B Standards for dangerous chemicals and micro-organism protection.
Meets CE Category III certifications for toxic or highly corrosive chemical handling.

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