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hydrologic float valve 1/4

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$29.99 + $33.32 Shipping
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hydrologic float valve barb 1/2 hydrologic float valve barb 1/2


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Date first available: January 28 2021
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  Major upgrade for Hydrologic R/O

March 24, 2017

Verified Purchase

After flooding my basement repeatedly (luckily I have a drain) - I installed this float valve by drilling through a massive 100 gallon hard plastic container I purchased at the local Hardware Store (the one with the orange sign). Rubbermaid containers are too soft for this operation so make sure you mount it on something a little sturdier. Over time the plastic container has softened a bit and ive had to lower the valve to compensate. I have had the hydro logic RO filter for quite a while - this valve however has taken it from a 10/10 product to the best small RO system I have seen to date.

christopher a smith


June 23, 2022

Verified Purchase

Works great, no issues. I’ve read a few reviews where people say it’s not shutting off completely. The valve has to be fixed in one position and not able to move from that position at all! The problem I see where people could have difficulties is there is no fitting to go from 1/4 compression to any iron pipe threads without a flexible tube or supply to connect it. I took a 1/2” f.i.p brass cap and drilled a hole in the top and secured the valve to the cap. Then you have 1/2” f.i.p. To connect to whatever. The valve works perfect!!

M. J. Civello


March 29, 2012

Verified Purchase

Used this to jimmy rig my espresso machine to the filtered water line. I'll never have to fill the tank again! (I'm that lazy)
The connection with the threaded barb and nut was perfect for mounting it. The gasket included makes it water tight once torqued down.
I couldn't use the float as designed though due to the size of the tank so it took a little leverage to make the float have enough buoyancy to cut off the water completely. I'm sure if it were connected as intended the float would cut things off fine.

Alexander Lorberg


November 24, 2011

Verified Purchase

I use the valve for water changes on my tanks. One is attached to a 10g bucket, the other to a 30g bucket. Both are attached to the lids, so all I do is connect the tubing from RO/DI filter and open the ball valve. The process doesn't need to be monitored and I'm yet to have a spill. Previously I owned eshopps float valve and the advanced design of that gizmo helped flood the house more than once.
I'm very happy with the item and would recommend it.

Rusty Trombone


September 11, 2013

Verified Purchase

I'm a plumber by trade and the item here is the most basic style of fill valve known to man. This particular vavle is decently made for a plastic valve and it can handle 100psi over long periods of time; my only complaint is the cost, you can buy a decent quality plastic fill valve for a toilet for less and that oilet fill valve has a longer warranty.



December 05, 2016

Verified Purchase

Excellent float valve. The clamp does not leak and when the water hits the level it shuts off completely. The float is adjustable so you can get a couple inches up or down on your water level from where you install this. Very well built and it has worked perfectly for me and I have a lot of pressure coming into this off my RO system.

Outside the Box


July 29, 2018

Verified Purchase

At 50 PSI it stop the water cold, not a drip leaking. You must allow 2 inches up swing to properly close the valve. I used two of these in my indoor auto water-feed fountain and they worked like a charm. No more worry about overflow. Make sure it is installed correctly screwed down so that it does not turn, if it does you are screwed.

Paul C.


December 23, 2017

Verified Purchase

Storing some RO water for my garden and needed a float valve to shut off the system when the reservoir reached the proper level. Simply cut the hole, slide the valve into the reservoir and slip quarter inch outside diameter tubing into the press-lock fitting.

Jim Matthews


October 17, 2016

Verified Purchase

So glad I bought this. I forgot about my reservoir filling up like 3x now. My basement would have flooded. This works and I highly recommend actually its a must have when running water through an RO system that has like say mine 100 gpd.

Big Trev


May 27, 2017

Verified Purchase

you have to experiment with where you want the shutoff to be, since it has to float up in order to turn off. for the unwary user, this could be bad. I'm not an unwary user, so it was easy to install, set, and let do its thing.

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