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goldielux 432w t5 panel 8 bulb 4 feet light kit

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Goldielux 216W T5 Panel 4 Bulb 4 Feet Light Kit Vegetative Propagation is ideal for those looking to use a compact, low heat light with high efficiency. Each bulb is 54w, giving the unit a total of 216w of total light output. This economical 1 x 4 foot light source produces up to 20,000 lumens, as much as a 250 watt metal halide, but with virtually no heat, eliminating the need for costly and space-hogging ventilation systems. Two programmed start, 120 volt electronic ballasts are built in and controlled by separate switches, allowing you to run two lamp types (vegetative and flowering) within the same fixture. Goldielux 216W T5 Panel is perfect for the new or professional grower and can be daisy-chained to matching fixtures for nearly unlimited expansion
Includes 4 - 4ft 6400k t5 bulbs
Daisy Chainable - Up to 3 Fixtures
Imported European 95% High Reflectivity Aluminum Reflector
110V/120V Operating Voltage
15 Foot Power Cord

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