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Prepare coco pellets in a tray and slowly fill it with warm water. Wait for the pellets to fully expand and drain excess water.
Use a pencil or a long 6 mm - or 1/4-inch-thick object and insert it from the center top, halfway into the expanded pellet to create an opening. Insert seed and squeeze the expanded pellets from the top to close the opening. If inserting from a cutting, make sure to insert 3/4 of the way into the coco pellet before squeezing the top to enclose the opening.
Place the prepared coco pellets into a propagation tray and humidity dome. Put a T5 or a CFL light over the dome, otherwise under a bright area, in a room-temperature environment.
Watch as the plant starts rooting and growing; remove plants that are weak and slow. We recommend giving cuttings at least 14 days to show signs of established roots. Once the seeds or cuttings are fully rooted, transplant them into a growing medium. Our coco is compatible with coco coir, peat moss, mineral wool and a variety of other growing mediums.

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