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hollandbasics premium rich seed starting professional mix with microbes, bat guano and worm casting for starting seeds and clones 10 litres

by HollandBasics

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10 Litres

Premium Peat Seedling Mix for Starting Seeds or Clone from Cuttings

Contains rare admendments such as Premium Refined Bat Guano, Organic Earthworm Casting and Microbials

Easy to start directly from seeds or clones. Just give filtered water as plants needed

Can be used with other organic amendments

Can be used with other growing medium such as Mineral Wool, Rockwool, Coco Coir, etc.


HollandBasics Premium Seed Starter Peat Mix is one of the best super soil available. We have done extensive trials to assist our growers with an all in one ready to use soil mix.

Our soil is made with Premium Refined Bat Guano, Organically Fed Earthworm Casting, Perlite, Dolomite for pH balance and various strains of Bacillus and Mycorrhizae for assisting explosive root growth.

$39.99 + $40.68 Shipping
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Manufacturer: HollandBasics

Date first available: November 07 2022
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