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hollandbasics adjustable de 1000w 347v fixture

by HollandBasics

Price: $309.99

Designed for 347A input for optimal utilization in amperage

Omits powerful light intensity and overage for up to 5'x5' footprint

Ideal for complete vegetative and flowering cycle

Dimmable, can be adjusted to Super Lumen, 1000w, 750w and 600w

Adjustable built-in wing reflector enable adjustment for greater spread and distribution

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Product details
Shipping Weight: 18.14 Kg
SKU: 2564

Manufacturer: HollandBasics

Date first available: May 01 2020
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HollandBasics Adjustable DE 1000w 347v Fixture our special light kit that operates at 347v to help reduce consumption of amperage enabling more efficient utilization of your power distribution. This kit has an adjustable built-in wing reflector that when expands increases light coverage below and reduces light intensity that may be too intense for certain plants when enclosed will maximize penetration to plants below with intense light omission for high demand photosynthesis.

This fixture does not include a lamp however addition is optional.


  • Operating input 347v only
  • Ideal for a 5'x5' footprint
  • Adjustable reflector for greater light distribution
  • Recommended use above 3' from the plant canopy
  • Dimmable power rating from Super Lumen, 1000w, 750w and 600w
  • 1 Year In-Store Warranty
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