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egrowlites 1000w fixture

Price: $424.99
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offset 3/8 offset 3/8


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Shipping Weight: 2.27 Kg
SKU: 1708
Date first available: October 24 2016
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Egrowlites, Super Double End Open/Closed Style Fixture - 1000 Watt Lamp Professional 1000w adjustable high frequency ballast Adjustable to: 600/750/1000/1150w Operates double ended lamp at optimal efficiency Matched both double ended HPS and MH lamp Microprocessor controlled with electronic safety circuit Provides overheating and short-circuit protection 240/277v multi-voltage, operates at 100KHz + high frequency No acoustic resonance Driver efficiency >95% Suitable for use with any 1000w double ended EL lamp Very low heat dissipation Super-AI: 95-percent reflective aluminum reflector Very low weight Reflector easily replaceable * Closed reflector design for maximum light lux and PAR value * Open style reflector, best air cooled style, offer maximum longevity of bulbs and ballast
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