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blumat tropf system 3m set

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Shipping Weight: 2.27 Kg
SKU: 2009
Date first available: July 10 2017
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Bestsellers Rank: #1 in Complete Grow System
Blumat Tropf System is a fully automatic watering system that functions without the need for a timer. Each tropf-blumat has both a sensor and a dripper and reacts to the soil moisture content. If the soil is dry, the pressure in the tropf-blumat goes down, causing a valve to open and watering to begin. When the soil is sufficiently moist again, the release of water automatically stops. Each tropf-blumat reacts completely independently only watering each plant when it's thirsty. This set contains a tank connection which you can connect to any type of water tank, the tank only needs to be placed higher then the plants and can also be connected directly to a tap. What You Get 10m - 8mm hose 12 - tropf-blumats 1 - tank connector 3 - 8-8mm L connector 3 - 8-3mm L connector 3 - 8-8-8mm T connector 1 - 8-3-8mm T connector 3 - 8-8mm straight connector
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