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Titan Controls EOS 1 - Humidify/Dehumidify Controller

by Titan Controls

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Ensure optimal humidity levels in any environment.

Create a comfortable atmosphere with advanced technology.

Enjoy superior control over your environment.

Automatically adjust humidity for improved air quality.

Get the peace of mind that comes with a reliable controller.

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  • The Titan Controls EOS 1 Humidify/Dehumidify Controller is an advanced, digital, adjustable humidity controller that enables you to monitor and control the humidity levels in your environment. This humidity controller is easy to use and can be set to automatically adjust the humidity levels. With its adjustable settings, this controller allows you to create a comfortable atmosphere that is perfect for your needs.
  • The EOS 1 offers superior control over your environment with its accurate digital display and adjustable settings. You can easily set the humidity level and the controller will maintain that level with precision. This controller is designed to be reliable and efficient, ensuring that your environment remains at the optimal humidity level. The Titan Controls EOS 1 also features an alarm system that will notify you when your environment is too humid or too dry.
  • This product is great for indoor and outdoor use and is ideal for greenhouses, grow rooms and other enclosed areas. The EOS 1 is a great way to ensure the proper humidity levels in your environment and to get the peace of mind that comes with a reliable controller. With its adjustable settings and easy to use interface, the Titan Controls EOS 1 Humidify/Dehumidify Controller is the perfect choice for anyone looking to monitor and control the humidity levels in their environment.

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SKU: 3291

Manufacturer: Titan Controls

Date first available: February 09 2021
Average customer review: 4.2 out of 5 stars 44 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #6 in Accessories
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Verified Purchase

June 01, 2016

This humidify/dehumidify controller from Titan Controls works incredibly well. It maintains 50 +/-5 %RH in a climate controlled experimental chamber with ease. My environment contains a lot of airborne cement dust that is very hard on electronics, but this unit has outlasted and outperformed all others that I have tried. In the winter, I switch it to humidify and plug in a 



Verified Purchase

August 20, 2015

Great unit. MADE IN USA!!! Very well made. My only complaint would be that the switch shaft is too short and knob can fall off. I trimmed the back of the knob off so as to sit closer to the face and thus take up more of the shaft.

peter d.


Verified Purchase

May 10, 2015

Easy to use. Plug it and set. Thats it. Seems to be about 5% off on accuracy but, no big deal, just offset the level you want by 5%. Lets be honest, this is not a million dollar unit. Does exactly what it says it does.

Jim R


Verified Purchase

April 05, 2017

Ignore the settings, get the room to you desired humidity and set the dial until the thing you are controlling shuts off (in my case a dehumidifier). Within 2% of my optimal setting which is good enough for me.

David Boone


Verified Purchase

May 22, 2017

Nothing obvious for calibrating the unit. With the analog dial, it's also hard to adjust to any degree of accuracy. But, does the intended job of keeping the room at a fairly constant humidity.



Verified Purchase

February 01, 2015

Works great. I have it hooked up to a humidifier in my grow tent in it works perfect.

Ashanti chemolli


Verified Purchase

September 27, 2016

My husband loves this product

Juan Padial


Verified Purchase

October 25, 2017

Works perfect!! Easy to use!!

Brittany M Gonda


Verified Purchase

November 17, 2016

Works perfectly



Verified Purchase

October 11, 2018

Works well